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Joel Bauer


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During this CURRENT global quarantine and shutdown – Joel Bauer, an online marketing strategist has made the impossible - possible. He took a man and woman who had no income, no real sense of purpose, or online presence -- and in a matter of days transformed their lives through his simple online process called Zero2Hero. To verify their results, he allowed over three hundred and fifty people to watch LIVE online -- as he taught them every single move. None of them required any technical knowledge. This entire process was completed without them paying for a single program or application. He revealed how anyone could do the simple process themselves without a website, URL, CRM, E-Mail follow up program, sales letter, funnel, landing page, video, or paid-advertising. He helped both of them to make money without them spending a penny. The results were staggering. In five days Jeff Weatherford generated over 15,000 dollars. Deborah Hanson generated over 16,000 dollars in new orders and clients in just three days -- for her newly revealed talent -- she had no idea was monetizable. If you would like to embrace Joel’s proven, step-by-step process that will potentially put you online, and be able to monetize in fourteen days or less.

“Applying just one move from your Billion-Dollar-Principle Training alone -- in less than one year -- put over a million dollars in my bank account. Thank you Joel Bauer.”

Jon Riley Business Owner

Jon Riley

California, LA

“"Mentor Joel Bauer -- literally passes on his life's work to us, saving us decades of learning curve, and creates such a strong community of network and accountability -- that all his students are guaranteed phenomenal success and performance even when we just apply a fraction of what he teaches us."

Angelina Chng


“As a direct result learning from Joel, it has generated a minimum of eight figures, well over ten million dollars, speaking on the world’s largest stages, with being to close to about twenty countries now. Something that’s much bigger than that is I’m now able to share something that I really love doing, something that's very fulfilling for me. To be able to share what I did in the online world and teach that to other people as well. And that is priceless"

Internet Marketer

Peng Joon


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